Do You Need Chimney Repairs in St. Louis?

When things break in your home or apartment, there are usually telltale signs you need repairs. However, one component of your home can sit broken for years without anyone noticing: your chimney.

Many homeowners don’t realize they need to seal their chimney crown immediately after purchasing a brand-new home. They go years without thinking twice about their chimney until they call in a chimney sweep company and learn they need over $10,000 in repairs.

The only way to know for sure if your chimney needs repairs is to call Approved Home Improvements. After a quick cleaning and inspection, we can pinpoint every issue putting your home at risk. From old animal nests to missing dampers, our team finds and fixes it all—and we often save St. Louis property owners thousands of dollars in the process.

Approved Home Improvements is fantastic!!! The owner, James, did an amazing job on rebuilding our fireplace after the flue caught fire and was here for the chimney clean. The crew is extremely friendly and helpful. I give the company a 10!!

– Melissa S., Jefferson County, MO

Our Chimney Repair Services

The Approved team completes custom chimney repairs in St. Louis using a combination of these services:

Masonry Flue Realignment

Chimney flues degrade over time for many different reasons, including animal nests, flue fires, water damage, and temperature changes. If you want your chimney to protect other structures from high heat and direct smoke out of your house, you need to address damage immediately.

Do you want to fix flue issues without sacrificing the look and function of your fireplace? Approved can help. Other companies damage your fireplace and even create more safety issues by installing metal chimney liners, which are less durable than tiles. We’re the only chimney repair company in St. Louis that restores brick chimneys with clay flue tiles.

We’re also a certified HeatShield installer for chimney repairs in St. Louis. HeatShield is an affordable liner repair system that fills gaps in masonry fireplaces.

Firebox and Smoke Shelf Repairs

St. Louis is full of beautiful historic homes, many of which have century-old fireplaces. Over time, these fireplaces break down. If you’ve noticed that your firebox is cracked or worn and smoke doesn’t escape up your chimney as well as it used to, it may be time for repairs.

Approved seals fireboxes with mortar to prevent safety hazards. We also apply mortar to your smoke chamber and smoke shelf to create a smooth surface. This process, known as parging, helps smoke flow into your flue instead of your home.

Damper Replacement

Inexperienced chimney repair companies often damage dampers during flue repairs. Approved can fix the issues other companies caused by installing a new, efficient damper. Our damper replacements keep warm air in and prevent cold drafts from entering your home.

Furnace Sleeve Installation

If you don’t have a furnace sleeve, your gas fireplace may not be up to code. These sleeves prevent deadly carbon monoxide from traveling into your home. At Approved, we install sleeves approved by Underwriters’ Laboratories (UL) to help you meet current code requirements.

Tired of Paying Other Chimney Repair Companies for Bad Work?

You shouldn’t have to bring in several companies to get the result you originally asked for. Contact Approved for high-quality chimney repairs in St. Louis that preserve your chimney for years to come.

How Much Does a Chimney Repair Cost?

Our team can’t estimate chimney costs until we assess your firebox, smoke shelf, flue, and crown. Some of our clients only need minor repairs for small chimney cracks. Others need extensive repairs or replacements for structural damage. No matter what repairs you need, addressing them now is cheaper than waiting.

Approved often catches issues during our  chimney sweep. For only $178, you can have your chimney professionally cleaned and inspected with a camera. We give you written documentation of any issues, so you know exactly what’s wrong.

Get a Limited Lifetime Warranty for Your Chimney Repairs in St. Louis

It’s not easy to find a chimney repair company that restores, preserves, and repairs issues without causing more. Too often, homeowners choose the cheapest chimney repairs in St. Louis they can find, only to end up paying another company to fix the original repairs. At Approved, we do things right the first time using the best materials and safest installation methods.

If we notice issues during your crazy cheap chimney sweep, we complete your repairs in 10 days or less—guaranteed, or it’s free. We also offer a limited lifetime warranty for all of our chimney repairs when you schedule a chimney sweep each year. Scheduling a chimney repair in St. Louis from Approved doesn’t just improve your home’s safety today; it keeps you and your family safe for decades.

  • Restore

    Unlike other chimney repair companies, Approved restores your fireplace to its original look and functionality.

  • Preserve

    Our pricing includes preservation. When you choose Approved, you know your repairs will last for years.

  • Maintain

    As long as you schedule a yearly chimney sweep, we offer a limited lifetime warranty for our chimney repairs in St. Louis.

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