Protect Your Property With Chimney and Fireplace Repairs

It’s easy for homeowners and property managers to forget that their chimney needs repairs. If the firebox looks OK and the brick is still intact, most people don’t think twice before lighting a fire. But did you know you could be putting your property—and your safety—at risk by skipping your annual chimney inspection?

It only takes one spark to ignite a chimney fire, which can ruin your flue and ignite a full-blown house fire. And if you don’t know what’s going on in your chimney, it’s impossible to know if you’re at risk. That’s why Approved Home Improvement’s motto is: “Don’t hope you’re safe; know you’re safe.” Whether you choose Approved for a simple chimney sweep or extensive repairs, you can be confident that your home or commercial property is protected from fire, smoke, and water damage.

Our Chimney Services

Our owner has spent nearly four decades repairing all types of chimneys in and around St. Louis, MO. We’ve mastered the art of repairing chimneys from the inside out. No matter what you need, we can fix any problem using a combination of these chimney services:

Not Sure If You Need Repairs? Schedule a Crazy Cheap Chimney Sweep and Inspection

A thick layer of soot may be hiding years’ worth of damage to your chimney. Need a clean slate? Book a chimney cleaning and inspection to see if your chimney’s a safety hazard.

When Do You Need a Brick or Chimney Inspection?

Many building owners don’t understand the importance of preventative maintenance for their chimney and brick. When they finally schedule an inspection, Approved uncovers thousands of dollars’ worth of preventable damage. To avoid an unforeseen $10,000+ bill, you need regular chimney services.

In general, you need a brick or chimney inspection when you:

Sell a Home

Before you put your St. Louis home on the market, you should schedule a camera inspection of your chimney. Even though you may not want to uncover hidden issues, it’s almost always cheaper to address them proactively. Approved offers chimney cleanings and camera inspections for only $178.

Buy a Home

Many new homeowners don’t think to check their chimney for damage, and most home inspectors can’t perform the level of inspection needed to find internal issues. Before you close on your new home, schedule chimney services to ensure you don’t get stuck with expensive repairs. Additionally, have your inspector look for brick and mortar issues to determine if the home needs tuckpointing.

Rent a Home

When new occupants rent a home with a fireplace, they need a chimney sweep. Approved can make sure your chimney is safe so the homeowner can get their occupancy permit.

Notice Visible Issues With Your Fireplace

Does smoke fill your home when you light a fire? Are there cracks in your flue liner or firebox? It’s time for chimney services.

Notice Water Damage or Crumbling Mortar on Your Building’s Exterior

If your brickwork looks dark, dirty, or cracked, you may need tuckpointing and repointing. Approved offers free inspections and a one-year warranty for all tuckpointing projects.

Start Using Your Fireplace During the Winter

Homeowners and commercial property owners who use their fireplaces should schedule a chimney inspection before they light the first fire of the year.

Get Chimney Services Backed by Decades of Experience

Several chimney sweep companies in the St. Louis area claim to offer the best chimney services. Instead, they fix half the problem and create a new one in the process—leaving you in worse shape than when you called. If you want to improve your home’s safety and stop problems in their tracks, choose our third-generation, family-owned chimney company.

All internal repairs completed within 10 days of authorization to start repair

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